lingtalfi opened a new issue #8111: Pie: cannot have label line color different 
of the fan color
   I'm using echarts4, 
   about pie: trying to set the label line color to black, but it always takes 
the color of the fan.
   Here is my code:
               var myChart = 
               var option = {
                   title: {
                       text: "Distribution des ├ętats de commande",
                       subtext: '',
                       x: 'left'
                   tooltip: {
                       trigger: 'item',
                       // formatter: "{a} <br/>{b} : {c} ({d}%)", // a is the 
series name
                       formatter: "{b} : {c} ({d}%)",
                   legend: {
                       orient: 'vertical',
                       right: 0,
                       data: ["En attente de paiement","En cours de 
pr\u00e9paration","Erreur de livraison","Paiement accept\u00e9"],
                   label: {
                       color: 'black',
                   labelLine: {
                       lineStyle: "black",
                       color: "black",
                   series: [
                           // name: 'coucou',
                           type: 'pie',
                           radius: '65%',
                           center: ['50%', '60%'],
                           data: [{"value":"7","name":"En attente de 
paiement"},{"value":"1","name":"En cours de 
pr\u00e9paration"},{"value":"1","name":"Erreur de 
livraison"},{"value":"5","name":"Paiement accept\u00e9"}],
                           itemStyle: {
                               emphasis: {
                                   shadowBlur: 10,
                                   shadowOffsetX: 0,
                                   shadowColor: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)'
                           labelLine: {
                               lineStyle: 'black'
   <img width="557" alt="screen shot 2018-04-08 at 07 38 01" 
   As you can see on the image above, the label of each fan is black (good), 
but the line between
   the label and the fan is always of the same color as the fan.
   How can I turn it to black ? 
   (I ask this because I normally have some colors generated from the database, 
but they aren't well
   readable, for instance I have some yellow which makes it hard to read, and 
so having all lines in black in this case would make the pie more readable).

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