Hi All,
I was able to create a SSU for my local instance of Fineract using Postman.
But however when i try to login the SSU using both the Android and Web Self
Service Apps, i get error as below: Could it be a back-end bug or
something? All these are with my local database - Fineract running locally
on my machine

   1. {developerMessage: "Invalid authentication details were passed in api
   request.", httpStatusCode: "401",…}
      1. defaultUserMessage:"Unauthenticated. Please login."
      2. developerMessage:"Invalid authentication details were passed in
      api request."
      3. errors:[]
      4. httpStatusCode:"401"
      5. userMessageGlobalisationCode:"error.msg.not.authenticated"
      7. Thanks
      8. Regards
      9. Ippez Robert

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