Hey Ed,

It should be a gitbox repo. You don’t need to make an Infra ticket. I can
create it and move the code.

I’m currently in Brussels (FOSDEM) without a computer though, so it will
have to wait until Monday.

As far as Jira goes, we should resolve that question together with the rest
of Fineract CN.

Best Regards,
Committer, Apache Fineract

On Sat 3. Feb 2018 at 02:06 Ed Cable <edca...@mifos.org> wrote:

> Fineracters,
> For the forthcoming donation of the Fineract CN mobile codebase into
> Apache, I want to request the infrastructure, Github repo and JIRA (if
> necessary).
> What is the community's view of where this code should reside and how we
> should handle the issue tracking infrastructure?
> My stance github repository is that we have a separate repo
> For JIRA, I think we could put tickets under Fineract-CN and then just have
> a component but I'll defer to other's opinions.
> Ed
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