Hello all,

Facing negative interest issue when creating trache loan. Below is the details. 
Can someone tell if you have faced the same issue and fixed.? Or are we making 
any mistake while creating the loan.

We have created a new Tranche Loan as follows:
    Disbursement Date: 01/05/2018
    Principal : 100,000
    Loan Term : 60 Months
    Number Of Repayments: 60
    Repaid Every: 1 Month
    First Repayment: 31 May 2018
    Nominal Interest Rate: 10 per Year
    Interest Method: Declining Balance
    Amortization: Equal Installments
    Interest Calculation Period: Same as Repayment Period
    Calculate interest for exact days in partial period: True
    Loan Tranche Details:
    Maximum allowed outstanding balance: 100,000
    Expected Disbursement On                      Principal
    01/05/2018                                     20,000
    05/05/2018                                     30,000
    10/05/2018                                     40,000
    15/05/2018                                     10,000
    The loan creation screenshots are attached
When we create this loan, the repayment schedule generated gives the Interest 
for the first installment as a negative value.
This issue is only faced when we explicitly mention the first repayment date in 
the same month as of the tranche expected disbursement date. The repayment 
schedule generated is also attached (RepaymentSchedule).


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