Hello Everyone!

The latest release of Apache Fineract and Community App contains the
contribution I've made for the realization of the data import tool
integration for Fineract(backend) and Mifos community app(front end) during
the previous year's GSoC under the guidance of my mentors Avik and Kyriakos.

----Enhancements made during the course of  GSoC 2017---

   - Integrating as a core component of the Fineract platform.

-Creation of REST endpoints and template generation implementations for all
entity types.

   -  Including functionality for the new entity types, the addition of
   functionality (missing fields of certain entity types) to keep sync with
   latest UI changes of community app.

   - Allowing import and exports at Office level
                                           --Thereby alleviating the
   performance overhead, support scalability for large organizations.

   - Validate invalid data input, security mechanism to handle unsupported
   or malicious file types.

   -  New templates for master entities Chart of Accounts, Offices, Staff.

   - Prepopulating of templates for the ease of data entry.

   -  UI for bulk import inside Community-App.

   -  Asynchronous reading of large sets of records in excel sheet.

Herewith attached a link
to the
final report of this project for further references. Feel  free to prompt
any questions or clarification related to the latest enhancements.

Kumaranath Fernando

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