Hi Nathan,

JSON is a white-space agnostic format so differences in indentation using
spaces, tabs and newlines shouldn't be an issue. Somehow I'm unable to find
any attachment or JSON sample with your mail so can't say anything specific
without seeing the data itself.

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On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 10:27 PM, Nathan McClellan <
nat...@mentorsinternational.org> wrote:

> Quick question.
> I wrote a quick excel sheet to convert the CSV PPI information into Json.
> However, when I copy the json over from excel it loses all the
> indentation.
> From my research, this should not matter however I wanted to double check
> before I did them all.
> Please see below. Above the line is with the intention and below is
> without.
> Thanks
>  [image: 1.png]

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