Hello Fineract community,

We have created 0.4.0-incubating release, with the artifacts below up for a

*These are the goals of this release:*

   - Removed hibernate dependency from the Fineract and integrated OpenJPA
   as default JPA provider

   - Share the new features that have been developed so far, to give the
   community a good sense of the upcoming 0.4.0 release

*For more information including release notes, please see:*

This is a *source code tar ball* only release.

*** Please download, review and vote by Thu Oct 20, 2016 @ 6pm PST ***

*Source Files:*

*Commit to be voted on:*


*Build verification steps can be found at: *
Refer 'README.md' in apache-fineract-0.4.0-incubating-src.tar.gz

*KEYS file containing PGP Keys we use to sign the release:*

*Note: *

   - This is a source only release with no binaries, with instructions on
   how to build/test the application.
   - We have removed hibernate dependency from running integration tests.
   Now Fineract is integrated with OpenJPA.

To help in tallying the vote, members please be sure to indicate
"(binding)" with your vote.

[ ] +1  approve
[ ] +0  no opinion
[ ] -1  disapprove (and reason why)

Thank you,

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