Hi Adi,

I will let the devs and PM working on the community Android self-service
app chime in with more specifics but we have some questions.

*How do you pass the client ID as part of the login process?*
When Puneet was working on the login he wasn't getting the Client ID as
part of the response from the login. Is this possible as it's needed to
only then display the accounts of that client.

And could you clarify that this is the client ID that's created when their
client account is created in mifos (and not an ID that's generated when
their self-service user account is created).

*Self-Creation of a Self Service User ID*
Is it possible for a client to create their own self-service user ID or is
that only supported by a back office staff? The use case is as such: I
download the app from the Google Play Store and have a link to "Sign Up". I
click sign up and then should be prompte for my account number or phone
number and then based on that it selects which client account i have in
mifos and I can then create my user ID and credentials.

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