Hello devs

I have observed in Mifos X i can say "Misbehaving of the system" (Sorry i didn't know how to call it)

When you want to view a role and its permissions in Admin -> System -> "Manage Roles and Permissions" -> view role.

It supposed to display name of the role, description of the role, its permission, buttons of "edit", "Disable" and "Delete".

I have observed that:
--  sometimes it display all of these and works fine

-- After staying for a while in the system it displays name and description of the role and the buttons without displaying the permissions and when you click the button, they don't work. (seen it in demo and local)

-- And other times displays name and description, the permissions but it does not display the buttons (observed in local, not yet in demo server)

-- When all these happens you have to refresh the page and login again then you find everything fine.

Why is it behaving like this, Is this not a bug?

Thanks in advance

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