Hi Folks,

I’ve signed up Flagon for a 1/2 Day track at ApacheCon NorAmer 2020. The track 
would center on User Modeling (obviously). That gives us room for about 3-4 
talks. I’m certain I can find some folks to fill these talks, but I thought I’d 
poll the community and give our members first dibs to pitch some ideas for 

Discussion is not—at this point—a commitment to go to ApacheCon or give a talk. 
At this time, no details are available about the con, such as when it is, or 
where, in north america it is. Feel free to conjecture wildly :) Let’s discuss!

Here are some thoughts I had for talks:

Flagon for Behavioral Science (I’m giving this one—open to co-presenters)
Flagon for Business Analytics
Flagon for Web Designers: Scientific meets Contextual Inquiry
Flagoneering Enterprise Analytics
Privacy and Ethics in Open-Source Behavioral Monitoring

Any suggestions for other topics, or thoughts about one of those above are 



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