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>I am having trouble with a build, I was hoping someone can help.
>This had me wondering if maybe ant was running out of memory, I looked at
>setting ANT_OPTS=-Xmx2098M, this did nothing.
>I then searched the web and found a couple links saying if you get out of
>memory issues you can try fork="yes" which we already do and set the
>maxmemory attribute. I tried adding maxmemory="2096m" and this also did
>nothing to improve the situation.
><mxmlc fork="yes" maxmemory="2096m" file="./flex_src/insDev.mxml"
>    output="./../${deployment}/WebContent/insDev_${buildnumber}.swf"
>    actionscript-file-encoding="UTF-8"
>    keep-generated-actionscript="false"
>    debug="false"
>    optimize="true">
>    <default-frame-rate>30</default-frame-rate>
>    <load-config filename="./insdevcfg.xml"/>
>    <source-path path-element="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks" />
>    <compiler.source-path path-element="./flex_src" />
>Any thoughts? 

I think there are jvmargs you can set to give mxmlc more memory.

Modules should help you in several ways, from reducing build times as well
as load times.


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