I added StrandUtils.loadBead() to core. To see an example of how it’s used you 
can look in AccordionCollapseBead, which has the following line:

                                                       _layout = 
StrandUtils.loadBead(IOneFlexibleChildLayout, "iBeadLayout", _strand) as 

The utility class searches to see if the bead already exists in the strand and 
if not, it adds it.

In my opinion beads should use this when they require other beads. This insures 
the dependencies are loaded on the strand and available to the beads.

How beads cooperate is an interesting discussion. This is just one way. They 
can also listen to events on the strand and emit them. The problem with that is 
that it’s difficult to enforce order of execution. It’s even more complicated 
because FlexJS doesn’t currently have the concept of event handler priorities, 
as far as I know.

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Subject: RE: [FlexJS, MDL] Add icon to DeletableChip

Yes, I mean loading inside DeletableChip.

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Subject: Re: [FlexJS, MDL] Add icon to DeletableChip

Hi Yishay,

How would I use such util in my case when I whant to "merge" two beads?
DeletableChip whant to use MaterialIcons bead - You mean loading inside
If you could elaborate more on your idea.


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