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>> Can you be more specific?  I thought most components were picking up all
>> of their styles from defaults.css.  Which components aren't doing this?
>Most used like Container, Label or Button not. If you check html output
>will see kilometric properties assigned to style attribute.

Such as?  Depending on your layout, left, top, width, and height will be
set in CSS.  In UIBase, setting the x value sets style.left, etc.  If
there is an alternative, please let me know what it is.

>> I don't remember if this is the main reason we have to propagate
>> or absolute positioning in order to get percentages to work
>> but these are the kinds of issues we faced.  Folks are welcome to test
>> different implementations on the examples.
>As I said, for my is ok the actual "styling" in basic HTML.swc set,
>BUT...only if all style code is pass to CSS so I and others could remove
>when use in our own projects. If not it will be unusable for everybody
>since no body would want a , i.e: border:2px in js:List or other hardcode
>styles in basic components. Ergo, my bet is that all people would exclude
>default html swc CSS.

The default.css for the HTML should set reasonable defaults for a default
theme that only uses bare HTMLElements.  I'd love to have someone with
better design skills figure out that default look.  But when switching to
another theme like MDL or Flat, you are correct that most of the default
styles from HTML should not be carried over.  I had assumed the themes
would override every default in defaults.css, but they don't so that's why
we added the option to exclude the defaults.  There might be a better way
to manage this.  I'm open to ideas.

>> So most recently, Peter changed MXMLItemRenderer to get rid of its inner
>> content area and just be more like the lightweight Container that Harbs
>> mentioned earlier in this thread.  We could make that the default
>> Container and have a ContainerWIthNonCSSChrome that has the inner
>> contentArea and Panel could extend that.
>Alex all I need is a pointer to the code that make the removal of the
>middle div.
>Could you share that?

FWIW, List is not a Container because it doesn't take an arbitrary set of
children.  It is a control.  It has a similar topology to a Container and
the ListView extends ContainerView, but isn't a Container.

Anyway, Peter might be able to better answer your question, but it appears
that if you create some new subclass of UIBase and have it return 'this'
for layoutHost and contentView, that the ListView might then just stick
the children in the outer div.  See how MXMLItemRenderer (which I
mentioned upthread) differs from ListBase in that way.  There might be
some bugs to iron out, but that's my understanding of how it is supposed
to work.


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