I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm gettting something wrong.
I've read the feature list and the ChangeLog [1] of the NextGenAS Extension
and thought that it works similar to FlashBuilder regarding IntelliSense and
the auto additons of "imports".

But for me it seems that IntelliSense and Goto does not work properly.
Sporadically sometimes it works and sometimes not... I have to test it a bit
more to get some more details.
Moreover it seems to me that it never adds the imports automatically.

I'm able to compile all the AS3/mxml stuff sucessfully and the compiled test
apps works like a charme but at the same time VSCode doesn't recognize some
classes or components.

Do I miss something?


"IntelliSense completion of classes in ActionScript and <fx:Script> blocks
now automatically adds imports.
IntelliSense completion of classes in MXML now automatically adds xmlns

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