A 0.8.1 release is fine with me.  However, I just saw that
DataBindingExample is broken.  The stock price doesn't show up.  We will
probably need to stop and check all of the examples again.  Peter usually
helps me do that, but he's on vacation.  Other folks will need to step up
to be the RM and help fix the examples.

Go for it,

On 8/8/17, 6:41 AM, "Josh Tynjala" <joshtynj...@gmail.com> wrote:

>(copying from users)
>We should consider a 0.8.1 release with some of the recent bug fixes. The
>IntelliJ IDEA fix [1], in particular, seems especially important,
>considering this thread. Developers want to to try FlexJS in a familiar
>IDE, and 0.8.0 makes that harder right now.
>It's also like to get the MXML source maps fix [2] released too. We could
>cherry pick some other fixes too, if anyone has some that they think are
>- Josh

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