You might have misunderstood me.

Thee are quite a few inconsistencies worked around already.

The advantage of the framework code is that we can include workarounds so end 
developers don’t need to.

For example:

Today I ran into flexbox inconsistencies in layouts. Safari behaves different 
than everyone else for nested flexboxes.

I found one work-around for one scenario and I’m investigating another for a 
different one.

Once I have the workarounds worked out, I will be able to fix the FlexJS 
layouts so it will work consistently across browsers.

Basically, we can treat cross-browser inconsistencies as bugs to be fixed on 
the framework level.


> On Aug 13, 2017, at 10:36 PM, Olaf Krueger <> wrote:
>> There’s nothing really built in
> Mhh... but I wonder if FlexJS can not guarantee consistency through
> different browsers and different platforms, could we really speak about a
> cross platform framework then?
> Or do I miss something?
> Thanks,
> Olaf
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