It's actually mainly just the compc target-player in the build.xml of the CI 
project. So the issue would only appear if trying to launch the a flash or air 
instance to run tests against.

Cyril actually asked me this question (as noted about 5 years ago) and I 
completely missed it until today.

The constant just needs to be moved to a property in the build.xml instead of 
coded inline. It was just an oversight that was never fixed. It's actually in 2 
spots, the compile target and the report target. If I find time in the next 
week or so, I can try to get the PR in, else it really is just making a 
variable with a default and using it so that it can be passed in.


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I'm pretty sure Apache Flex and Apache Royale (FlexJS) are using FlexUnit 
without player 10.  You can take a look at how that is set up in the flex-sdk 
and royale-asjs/flex-asjs repos.


On 4/2/18, 8:07 PM, "Piotr Zarzycki" <> wrote:

>Hi Charles,
>Can you make pull request on GitHub with all the changes in FlexUnit?
>I can review it and maybe merge.
>On Tue, Apr 3, 2018, 01:33 doucettec <> wrote:
>> 5 years later, I have the same problem.
>> I am trying to use AIR SDK 21 with Flash version 21.
>> We also try to run some Flex Unit tests.
>> Since this has a hard-coded reference to version 10.0.0, I either 
>>have to  find that version of playerglobal.swc and install it to my 
>>current FLEX  SDK,  or I have to change the reference.
>> I am currently leaning towards forking the flexunit repository and 
>>changing  the reference.
>> Also - I am unable to find version 10.0 of playerglobal.swc, at least 
>>from  this website:
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