I'll try to take a look this week.


On 20.09.2016 02:38, Geoffrey Mon wrote:
Hello all,

I have recently been working on adding bulk iterations to the Python API of
Flink in order to facilitate a research project I am working on. The
current changes can be seen in this GitHub diff:

This implementation seems to work for, at least, simple examples, such as
incrementing numbers in a data set. However, with the transformations
required for my project, I get an exception "java.lang.ClassCastException:
[B cannot be cast to org.apache.flink.api.java.tuple.Tuple" thrown from the
deserializers called by
I've created the following simplified Python plan by stripping down my
research project code to the problem-causing parts:

I have been working on this issue but I don't have any ideas on what might
be the problem. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about the interior of
the Python API could kindly help?

Thank you very much.

Geoffrey Mon

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