Yes, i think a JIRA issue would be good for this.

On 11.10.2016 08:42, Martin Junghanns wrote:
Shall I open an issue for that?

The Exception gets thrown when using
RichFlatJoinFunction or RichFlatMapFunction (updated the Gist)
and the first field of the tuple is an array type.

I can look into it once the issue is there.



On 10.10.2016 13:39, Chesnay Schepler wrote:
Hello Martin,

Could you include the error you are getting?


On 10.10.2016 13:31, Martin Junghanns wrote:

I ran into a problem when using generic arrays in a tuple. I wrote a minimal program to reproduce the error [1].

The problem seems to be related to the order of tuple fields. When
I switch Tuple2<K[], K> to Tuple2<K, K[]> and perform the join on field 0, everything works as expected.

Using Flink 1.1.2.



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