I was using the RowSerializer (package 
org.apache.flink.api.java.typeutils.runtime;) recently to serialize Rows to 
file (for reading them back in the future).
I observed a strange behavior that I would like to double check with you in 
case this is a serious problem to be addressed:
When the rowserializer is used to convert data back, there is no check for the 
consistency of the data (e.g., size of the object that was serialized, 
checksum...). This leads to situation that for random reads of bytes it can 
happen that inconsistent objects are deserialized, which of course can lead to 
inconsistent data.

For example if we serialize object of the form (Int, Long, Double, String 
String) - if we have available only 1/3 of the bytes, we can end up reading 
back objects  as (0,0,0,null, null) - this is not the only example of how the 
object can be incorrectly deserialized ...rather than having an error for this 

Hence, I wanted to double check if this is an intended behavior for some reason 
and if we should consider fixing the rowserializer to guarantee integrity of 
the objects that are deserialized.

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