Hi RAT devs,

I saw a related email thread (Re: Creadur Web Site
on dev but it seemed detoured from this issue hence raising awareness in a
fresh thread.

Although Apache RAT latest available version is 0.12 the official site
mentions 0.13 with broken links to download the artifacts. Could you please
check whether it is indeed the case and advise on the latest official
released version?

https://archive.apache.org/dist/creadur/  -> lists 0.12 as latest
http://creadur.apache.org -> tells that RAT latest release is 0.12 on
http://creadur.staging.apache.org/rat/download_rat.cgi  -> tells 0.12 (also
available in maven)
http://creadur.apache.org/rat/download_rat.cgi -> tells 0.13  (maven fails
to resolve)

Attila Simon

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