In case "migration" is a confusing term for what I'm proposing, I'm
proposing that the astralway maintainers (of which, I am one) donate these
repos to Apache Fluo to maintain. The question here is essentially: is the
Apache Fluo community (of which, I am also one) willing to accept these

On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 3:13 PM Christopher <> wrote:

> For much of Fluo's early life, it was hosted at
> As many will be aware, this was renamed to to
> satisfy concerns about trademark use during Fluo's transition through the
> Apache Incubator.
> The astralway repo still contains some Fluo-related code repositories
> (developer tools and examples), which I think should be migrated over now
> that Fluo is an established top-level project and can organize itself into
> multiple repos.
> Specifically, I'd like to:
> 1. put in a request to INFRA to migrate uno and muchos (fluo-uno and
> fluo-muchos, respectively; their names don't really need to change in our
> everyday usage... just the repo names).
> 2. create a fluo-examples repository to contain phrasecount, webindex, and
> stresso (and maybe quickstart, if that is still relevant)
> Initially none of these repos would be "released", since they are really
> just developer tools not intended for general use or (in the case of the
> examples) closer to documentation. But, we could vote on releases at some
> point in the future.
> Please let me know if there's any objections to this community taking over
> those repos formally. (If this happens, those of us maintaining astralway
> can shut that down.)

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