I can generate Seed without the error, unless I include wholesite.pdf, which will also cause the problem.

Thanks for moving this to dev list.

Does your site use wholesite.pdf as well?

Does your site have a custom sitemap?

If you do "forrest run" in your site can you retrieve any page?

Please turn on the debug logging for the locationmap:

- open FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/WEB-INF/logkit.xconf
- find the element that has "<category name="modules.mapper.lm"
- set the log-level attribute of that element to "debug"

Now do "forrest run" and reproduce the error you are reporting.

Now send the log to me (privately as it will be large). I'll snip the relevant parts and post something meaningful to the list (if I can ;-)


Date: 2005/11/03 Thu AM 09:23:27 EST
To: <user@forrest.apache.org>
Subject: "Access is denied" errors

After upgrading to Head (r33054), I started receiving this error:

E:\Forrest\apache-forrest-head\forrest\main\webapp\. (Access is denied)

Previously I was using a version from about a month ago.   Are there any 
diagnostic logs that could help be pinpoint the failure?