Yes there is an extension point on cache. Just follow the lucene as example but 
put your XML elements inside cache element.

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> On Aug 9, 2017, at 4:38 PM, Dan Smith <> wrote:
> There is no global configuration for lucene right now.
> Adding extensions to the cache.xml *looks* like it should be possible.
> InternalCache implements Extensible<Cache> which means that theoretically
> you should be able to call
> InternalCache.getExtensionPoint.addExtension(yourXmlParser). That whole
> Extensible stuff is really just used for cache.xml parsing and generation.
> The question is just how to add it before the cache actually parses the
> cache.xml file. I think if you implement CacheService and provide the
> appropriate configuration file in your META_INF directory, your service
> should get loaded early in cache creation and get a chance to register
> itself as an Extension.
> -Dan
>> On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 4:24 PM, Brian Rowe <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We are interested in adding some configuration parameters for the new
>> (pre-alpha) client-server protocol that lives in geode-protobuf. We're
>> curious if there is a good way to keep configuration out of geode-core
>> while still allowing users to set it conveniently.
>> It looks like for geode-lucene, there is some per-region configuration that
>> gets added to cache.xml files. Is there any global configuration?
>> Thanks,
>> Brian Rowe and Galen O'Sullivan

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