Hello Daniel,

I hit this a compilation error a couple of months ago, you just need to
upgrade your JDK to get it working. I remember seeing within the dev list
which was the minimum JDK version required but I can't seem to find it
now... either way, I know that it works correctly with 1.8.0_152 as that's
the one I'm currently using.
Hope this helps.
Best regards.

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 2:18 PM, Daniel Farcovich <
daniel.farcov...@amdocs.com> wrote:

> Hi
> We are facing a compilation error on geode-core/src/main/java/org/
> apache/geode/internal/ObjectInputStreamFilterWrapper.java
> sun.misc.ObjectInputFilter can't be found since we use java 8.
> Has anyone encountered this in rel/v1.4.0?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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