Hi all,

I think we could make it easier for people to find tasks that can be their
first contribution to Geode. The wiki page on how to contribute
<https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/GEODE/How+to+Contribute> has a
list of suggested projects. Most of those are pretty ambitious and likely
would be overwhelming to first time contributors. There also is a link
to tickets
labeled with "Starter"
I think the later is probably a much better angle for someone to start
contributing to Geode. Unfortunately there was less than a handful of
tickets labeled as starter tickets.

My suggestion is to find tickets that strike a healthy balance between being

   - simple enough that someone new to the code base can realistically take
   them on
   - rewarding enough that someone can feel a sense of accomplishment after
   having their PR merged
   - small enough that it can be accomplished in an evening or at most a
   long weekend
   - unlikely to result in conflicts with larger efforts that someone is
   already undertaking

It would be great to have a variety of tickets that have different levels
of complexity and required effort to allow new contributors of varying
experience levels to start contributing meaningfully and maybe even support
somewhat of a progression curve for someone who wants to become a regular
contributor or even committer.

I'd also suggest to not allow the list to grow too large. If the list gets
bigger than 20-30 tickets it might get too hard to keep a clear grasp on it
and the risk of having tickets that aren't relevant anymore increases.
Nothing would be more frustrating to a new contributor than investing their
personal time just to find out that it was wasted. So let's be mindful of
not using this as a dumping ground for everything we'd like to see, but
know we'll never get to.

I already labeled a few more tickets as starter. Please feel free to
validate that I didn't violate my own suggestions in doing so.


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