Build Update for apache/geode-native

Build: #977
Status: Errored

Duration: 49 minutes and 30 seconds
Commit: fc9c81c (develop)
Author: Ernie Burghardt
Message: Geode 4799: Removing static members from Serializable 

* Cleanup warnings

* Replace GetPdxSerializer

* PDXSerializerRegistry passes test

* PdxTypeMapper moved to TypeRegistry

* Moved PDX to LocalType maps to TypeRegistry.

* Move GetType to TypeRegistry
  Signed-off-by: Ernie Burghardt <>

* Put back reference assembly recursive search
  Signed-off-by: Michael Oleske <>

*  Add new project for multiple cache testing

* Attempt at test, but server fails to start

*  multi cache test running
   Signed-off-by: Jacob Barrett <>

* move RegisterPdxType to TypeRegistry
  Signed-off-by: Michael Oleske <>

* Temporary commit to get stuff in the shared repo

* Added a new MultiCache test and
- rolled back to a compilable state

* Made ManagedDelegatesGeneric instance based
- added test for RegisterPdxType

* Remove static from:
- NativeDelegatesGeneric
- DelegateMapGeneric
- BuiltInDelegatesGeneric

* Keeps ManagedTypeToTypeId static.

* Removed static from RegisterTypeGeneric

* Removed cache param from RegisterTypeGeneric since no longer needed

* Removed static from UnregisterTypeGeneric

* Add TypeRegistry files to MakeLists and fixed typo in file name

* Split the integration and unit tests in clicache multcache tests.

* Fixing Travis CI build.

* Remove unneeded files from unittests

* Rename test projects and remove GEODE_ROOT from top cmake file

* Undo .travis.yml change

* Rename to remove MultipleCache prefix

* Remove MultipleCache prefix and
- make test project name configurable and rename test class
- remove Serializable::Clear()
- moved statics used for object creation to TypeRegistry

* GEODE-4799: Fixing compilation issue due to namespacing
  Signed-off-by: Mike Martell <>

* GEODE-4799: Removing generated file from source control
  Signed-off-by: Mike Martell <>

* GEODE-4799: First set of PR feedback changes
  Signed-off-by: Ryan McMahon <>

* Changes:
- test rename
- moved configurable bits to a separate file

* Added packages.config to project and add newline at the end of some files.

* Remove commented out code

* GEODE-4799: Adding missing GeodeServer.cs file

* GEODE-4799: GeodeServer.cs was in wrong location
  Signed-off-by: Mike Martell <>

* GEODE-4799: Fix to use proper relative nuget packages

* Removed bad ignore line

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