Bruce has picked up GEODE-7250.


On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 9:27 AM Dick Cavender <> wrote:

> If you try and brew update to Geode 1.10.0 you won't get it until our
> 1.10.0 homebrew PR <>
> gets
> through their checks and their Jenkins servers seem to be having problems
> this week so this is still in flight.
> On geode develop I've had to revert the "add 1.10.0 to old versions" post
> release change because it was causing tests to fail. Until new JIRA
> GEODE-7250 is fixed we will not be testing 1.10.0 as an old version. This
> JIRA needs to be prioritized and the PR with the fix needs to include the
> revert changes to get 1.10.0 back in the old versions.
> Let me know if anyone has questions on these.
> -Dick

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