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Review request for geode, Barry Oglesby, Jason Huynh, Dan Smith, and xiaojian 

Repository: geode


Scenario without the fix:

1. The test creates receivers and senders.
2. It initiates put operation on the sender as an async operation.
3. Immediately it destroys the receivers regions.
4. It assumes that sender must not have completed the transmission because 
receiver region is destroyed.
5. It checks that the sender's queue is not empty

Problem: Its assumption that senders have not completed the transmission before 
the receiver's region is destroyed is wrong. It may have completed the 
transmission and the test fails because sender queues are  empty.

We slow down the receivers using addListenerToSleepAfterCreateEvent, hence we 
make sure that the senders are not able to complete the transmission before the 
receiver regions are destroyed. This function was used to solve similar timing 
related bugs in WAN.

* This was done to avoid the need for a very large number of puts.
* When region size is more than 5 it can initiate the destroy region
* While the puts have been reduced to 2000 from 20,000
* This will make sure the queue is not empty.



Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/52793/diff/


* Precheckin
* 100 Runs on IntelliJ


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