Hmmm, you would think it would be easier to change a file name :-)

I don’t think we should be pushing destabilizing changes into a release branch. 
 If the changes aren’t ready now we always pick them up for the next release.


> On Oct 13, 2016, at 1:13 PM, Kirk Lund <> wrote:
> I'm currently working with Jared and we have spent a few days working
> on GEODE-1466. We've been trying to get geode to the point where it can
> automatically search for, find and use either or
> (preferring if both are found).
> We were intending to break this up into three subtasks with the hope of
> including #1 in Geode 1.0.0 incubating:
> 1) locating and if user has not
> specified a specific properties file
> 2) support specifying geode configuration properties with system properties
> geode.<property-name> as well as gemfire.<property-name>
> ex: or
> 3) modify all other system properties in geode to support alias of gemfire
> as well as geode where the name of the system property currently contains
> gemfire
> ex: -Dgemfire.Query.VERBOSE=true or -Dgeode.Query.VERBOSE=true
> The community is planning to create the Geode 1.0.0 incubating RC tomorrow.
> The work we have completed so far involves modifying geode to search for
> both and to use whichever one is found.
> This turns out to be too complex to complete by tomorrow (send me a email
> directly if you want more detailed info which mostly involves
> DistributionConfig and ConfigSource).
> In order to complete this in time, we need to use a different strategy.
> Instead of looking for first and then,
> we are proposing the following change to DistributionConfig:
> Change the GEMFIRE_PREFIX = "gemfire." constant to be configurable by a
> system property and change the default to be "geode." This places a greater
> burden on the user who is migrating from GemFire to Geode but doesn't want
> to rename or gemfire system properties. By default,
> Geode would search for unless the user specifies a new
> system property with a different prefix ("gemfire."):
> String GEMFIRE_PREFIX = PropertiesPrefix.getGemfireOrGeodePrefix();
> Example of overriding this to be "gemfire.":
> -DgeodePropertiesPrefix="gemfire."
> or
> -DgeodePropertiesPrefix="gemfire"
> (we'll add the "." for you if you leave it out)
> Pivotal or other vendors could also alter this prefix as they see fit.
> There are 453 lines of production code that refer to this GEMFIRE_PREFIX
> constant. For example, every system property that contains "gemfire." is
> currently referring to the constant, so they would also be altered to be
> "geode." by default. The JMX notifications also refer to GEMFIRE_PREFIX
> such as: GEMFIRE_PREFIX + "distributedsystem.cache.client.joined".
> Does anyone know if anything referring to GEMFIRE_PREFIX is persisted in
> some way that would break if we make this change? For example, if we
> persist any strings built with this constant to a diskstore, then recovery
> from that diskstore would be broken if the prefix value is "geode." during
> recovery of an old diskstore.
> Also, a user could conceivably override the GEMFIRE_PREFIX in some members
> of a cluster but not others which could break things in unexpected ways.
> One more note: While reviewing uses of GEMFIRE_PREFIX we noticed that
> AgentUtil supports "GEMFIRE" (hardcoded) and GEMFIRE_PREFIX+".home" env
> vars while all of the online docs specify setting GEMFIRE_HOME as an env
> var. I suspect this is already broken (I will file a ticket), but I think
> we will also be at risk of breaking additional things that may or may not
> be immediately detected by precheckin tests. It's also used by DtdResolver
> for the name of a dtd: new File(GEMFIRE_PREFIX + "dtd). We'll continue
> looking for unusual or risky uses of the constant.
> Bottom line is making this change is higher risk than not making the
> change, and there could be some fallout bugs that require fixes and
> additional release candidates for 1.0.0.
> Does the community feel this change is desirable for 1.0.0? Or is it better
> to leave it as "gemfire." and move GEODE-1466 to post-1.0.0?
> Thanks,
> Kirk

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