Project: Apache Geronimo
Status: Resolved, Closed (25 items)
Updated In Last: Week (7 days)

** New Feature

 * [GERONIMO-867]  Management API: Database Connection Pools
 * [GERONIMO-1192]  Installer should create a config.xml for the target install

** Bug

 * [GERONIMO-1468]  FileSystemRepository#listUris() produces wrong URI array 
when the repository contains a malformed entry
 * [GERONIMO-1379]  Login Error page does not include updates to remove table 
and include About link
 * [GERONIMO-1537]  Installer - IzPack assembly does not qualify plugin version 
for code copied to installer assembly for use at install time
 * [GERONIMO-1536]  Installer - j2ee-installer assembly project.xml fix
 * [GERONIMO-1535]  Error in security realm portlet
 * [GERONIMO-1525]  Error in DB Pool Portlet
 * [GERONIMO-1474]  Cross site scripting vulnerabilites
 * [GERONIMO-1467]  DB pool portlet error when web session saved
 * [GERONIMO-1450]  Console usage plans use old namspace & parentId
 * [GERONIMO-1387]  Geronimo Console Applications portlets fail after starting 
app client.
 * [GERONIMO-1012]  Tomcat integration does not set a subject in an unsecured 
web module in a secured ejb application
 * [GERONIMO-1287]  IzPack Installer does not set line endings to CRLF on 
windows and LF on non-Windows platforms
 * [GERONIMO-1533]  geronimo server started with errors
 * [GERONIMO-1433]  Security vulnerability of WEB-INF contents on windows 
 * [GERONIMO-1440]  JAASJettyRealm not shared enough
 * [GERONIMO-1523]  Openejb corba class is included (serialized) in all enc 
 * [GERONIMO-1473]  ApplicationPolicyConfigurationManager doesn't clear 
permissions on startup
 * [GERONIMO-1517]  Installer - Install Derby with base J2EE Features
 * [GERONIMO-1505]  Installer should default Tomcat on at runtime if Jetty pack 
is not selected

** Improvement

 * [GERONIMO-1194]  Installer should only install packs(features) selected at 
install time
 * [GERONIMO-615]  RMIClassLoaderSpiImpl.normalizeCodebase(..) generates 
MalformedURLExceptions unnecessarily

** Task

 * [GERONIMO-1514]  Fix installer license statements

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