Hi all,

I have setup a bi-weekly Open Source Sprint process to track our overall
progress and who is working on what here:

Current Sprint Start Date: 7th August, 2017
Current Sprint Duration: 2 weeks

1. Please change the assignee for the JIRAs you are interested in working
on this bi-weekly sprint to yourself; and update its status on the Sprint
dashboard as you make progress.

2. Please review the backlog and let me know if you think that any JIRA
should be of higher / lower priority than it is right now.

*Contributors / **Committers / Mentors: *
Please let me know if you have any suggestions around the Sprint model? Or
if there are any objections? If not, then we can continue to use it for a
while to see how it fits our open source / distributed working style.

1. If you have assigned any JIRA to yourself for the Sprint, it is NOT
absolutely necessary that you deliver on it. If you at a later date think
that you may not be able to spare cycles for it then please change it to
un-assigned as soon as possible (so that someone else can pick it up if
they are interested).

2. If the JIRA is about any design / complicated code then its worth
discussing the notes and idea on the JIRA and / or on this mailing list
before writing down the whole code.

3. You are not alone, please feel free to ask questions if you have any

4. If Sprint model works well for us, we will also try to align future
release to it.

5. The intention of this bi-weekly Sprint is to put a light-weight
structure to overall development of Gobblin and NOT to add several process
layers. Hence, it is okay to add any JIRA to the Sprint in the middle of
the sprint if you are willing to work on it.


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