Michael A Menarguez created GOBBLIN-880:

             Summary: Bump CouchbaseWriter Couchbase SDK version + write docs + 
cert based auth + enable TTL + dnsSrv
                 Key: GOBBLIN-880
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/GOBBLIN-880
             Project: Apache Gobblin
          Issue Type: Improvement
          Components: gobblin-couchbase
            Reporter: Michael A Menarguez
            Assignee: Shirshanka Das


Currently CouchbaseWriter.java lacks the ability to do the following:
 # Use certificate based authentication
 # Set document expiry (TTL)
 ** based on write time
 ** based on an offset specified field contained in the record's data (JSON)
 ** (WILL NOT ADRESS) set expiry based on a field contained in the record's data
 # Set DNS SRV for bootstrap host discovery setting
 # Missing documentation on CouchbaseWriter usage
 # Testing does not bring in CouchbaseMock correctly and causes problems while 
bumping com.couchbase.client:java-client

 # Add logic to connect using certificate based auth to the buckets (Will need 
to bump  com.couchbase.client:java-client to a newer version like 2.7.6) and 
associated configs
 # TTL implementation
 ## Add configs to allow setting a TTL (documentTTL) and also specify the 
timeunits (documentTTLUnits) of these settings
 ## Add logic to specify the path to key to the field containing the source 
timestamp (documentTTLOriginField) and its units (documentTTLOriginUnits) to 
disambiguate between UNIX (sec) timestamps and other formats like timestamps in 
 ## N/A but logic would be similar to (2)
 # Add missing dnsSrv config
 # Write proper documentation
 # Bring in CouchbaseMock from Gradle and adapt existing unit tests.

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