This is absolutely dynamite Alfonso. Really really cool.
If I were you, I would consider further development of this through GSoC. I
would be happy to co-mentor such an effort.
This is so refreshing.

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> From: Alfonso Nishikawa <>
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> Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 23:02:19 -0100
> Subject: GoraExplorer
> Hi!
> GoraExplorer is a NoSQL databases manager through Apache Gora.
> At this moment only works with HBase, sorry :S
> I will try to create a video explaining it in a few days, but I leave it to
> you deployed at [1] if anyone wants to take a look and comment. It is in an
> alpha stage, so expect several things to break :P
> Actually, you can only access tables (forget "Admin" menu).
> There are two tables defined (one for Nutch, one for Twitter) with some
> example data. If anyone breaks too much de data write me and I will restore
> it :)
> user:pass = admin:admin
> There is no usage explanation in this email, so maybe I will find out if
> the application is VERY unintuitive, or "only" unintuitive xD
> You may ask for changes :) I will try to implement them if I can, but I
> don't promise much :S
> I hope you like it :S
> [1] -

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