Thanks for the wiki page, it was extremely helpful.  I've put together
a macro that expands animations into separate slides, which can then
be exported as a pdf and displayed with a pdf reader in presentation
mode.  I've attached a simple example presentation file with these
macros.  Just run ExpandAnimations.

Right now, this only works for appear/disappear transitions, which is
what I typically need, though I think the foundation is in place to
expand the functionality.  It occurs to me that the best way to do
this is probably to use the actual presentation engine to "play" the
animation forward and then freeze it at certain stopping points and
grab the current state as a new slide.  That way I wouldn't have to
reinvent the functionality of running animations inside a macro.  Any
thoughts on whether this would work?

Thanks for all the help!


On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 6:16 AM, Christian Lippka - Sun Microsystems
GmbH - Hamburg <> wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> I copied some documentation from the OpenDocument format and made it into a
> wiki page
> also added an example basic macro how to convert the effects tree into a
> flat view. I try to
> add some more information in the future. Feel free to correct any errors you
> find and add
> additional documentation. Esp. if I do something really stupid in the basic
> example as I'm
> not very fluent in basic.
> Regards,
> Christian
> Matthew Neeley wrote:
>> Hi Christian-
>> Sorry, I think that was a false alarm.  I was expecting to find
>> several child nodes of the root.  In fact there is only one, the main
>> sequence, which then itself has more children.  The enumeration works
>> after all, as expected, I just didn't know what the animation node
>> tree looks like.  I'll keep playing with this.
>> -Matthew
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