On 19.10.2016 02:49, daniel_sun wrote:
The new parser is based on Java8, so it has to target to Groovy3. As far
I know, there are some amazing features under development or test, e.g.
MOP2, new Joint compiler, Macro(appears at the snapshot of 2.5.0), etc.
Looking forward to them :)

(a) I think it would be ok if the new parser is only usable if java8 is used as long as it is not the default. If for example 2.5.0 is going out with the old parser as default, then I see no problem in delivering 2.5.0 with a new parser, that will work only with java8.

(b) the MOP2 work I am doing right now is far from complete. The current work is based on what I did 2 years ago already, but was not happy with in the end. You can call it a continuation of that. But it is nowhere usable atm. And I still have one big limitation I would like to be lifted. While I can easily isolate classes and give them their own meta class realm, it is not so easy to do the opposite and let a class participate in a foreign realm, without knowing it. I would like not to rely on a caller sensitive logic if possible.

bye Jochen

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