If you are using Java8 and want to try the native lambda, please add addition
JVM options( `-Dgroovy.target.bytecode=1.7 -Dgroovy.antlr4=true` OR
-Dgroovy.target.bytecode=1.8 -Dgroovy.antlr4=true)

For example:
1) Run script via command line
groovy -Dgroovy.target.bytecode=1.8 -Dgroovy.antlr4=true

2)  Run script in groovy console
         a) set the environment variable `JAVA_OPTS` as
`-Dgroovy.target.bytecode=1.8 -Dgroovy.antlr4=true`
         b) run `groovyConsole`

Here is a sample script for you to try:
       import groovy.transform.CompileStatic
        import java.util.stream.Collectors
        import java.util.stream.Stream
        public class Test1 {
            public static void main(String[] args) {
            public static void p() {
                println([1, 2, 3].stream().map(e -> e.plus 1).toList())

       In next releases of 2.6.0, `-Dgroovy.target.bytecode=1.7` will be set
by default.


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