ah sorry, I was not explaining right...

I was going to suggest something similar to what you probably already have found, which is StaticTypeCheckingSupport.EXTENSION_METHOD_CACHE.getExtensionMethods(ClassLoader) but for some reason I do not understand the constant is protected and the type for it is a private static inner class... which means nobody can use this really. bummer. So maybe patch that and make it public? See GROOVY-8536 for this

In theory you could go through MetaClassImpl, but I think that will a lot more than you want.

bye Jochen

On 06.04.2018 21:16, eric.mil...@thomsonreuters.com wrote:
What API can I call to get a list of modules?  I'm having trouble determining 
the actual entry point.

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On 06.04.2018 18:42, eric.mil...@thomsonreuters.com wrote:
Is it possible to determine the available Category (aka DGM) extension
classes at runtime?  I have been relying on
DefaultGroovyMethods.DGM_LIKE_CLASSES, but this has been getting
reduced with each release due to modularization.  And it was never
really a good source to begin with.  I tried looking through
ExtensionModuleRegstry, but I couldn't make out a good entry point for
asking for the DGM classes.

you will have to build an index for this I think. You can ask for a list of 
modules and also for the available methods in each. Or you simulate the 
discovery mechanism and play it from there without instantiating any of the 

bye Jochen

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