Hi Paul,
do you have a use case for these operators in mind ? I guess some sort of "an 
error has occurred" boolean flag aggregation could profit from that:
boolean errorQ = false
errorQ ||= foo0(...)errorQ ||= foo1(...)errorQ ||= foo2(...)...
if(errorQ) {  throw new Exception("some error occurred.. ")}

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Compound assignment for logic operators 
It seems older than that. I guess we decided to follow java and C rather than 
Ruby.I suspect we wouldn't want to make an override-able operator for logical 
and/or but I see no harm in having the short-hand itself.Anyway, we can look at 
it if there is sufficient interest.
Cheers, Paul.
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Am 10.04.2018 um 09:00 schrieb Paul King:

Hi Everyone,

I noticed that the '&&=' and '||=' operators (LOGICAL_AND_EQUAL and 
LOGICAL_OR_EQUAL) are partially supported in a few parts of the codebase but 
not at the grammar level. Does anyone remember any previous discussion about 
those operators?

I don't really remember... did we maybe add it for groovypp?

bye Jochen

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