Github user necouchman commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: src/protocols/rdp/guac_rdpdr/rdpdr_messages.c ---
    @@ -273,3 +273,15 @@ void 
guac_rdpdr_process_prn_using_xps(guac_rdpdrPlugin* rdpdr, wStream* input_st
         guac_client_log(rdpdr->client, GUAC_LOG_INFO, "Printer unexpectedly 
switched to XPS mode");
    +int guac_rdpdr_encode_utf16(const char* input_string, char* output_string) 
    --- End diff --
    Not 100% certain this is the right place for this function.  Also, there 
may be something else that already does this (swprintf?), but I had a hard time 
finding good examples/documentation for plain C - most everything dealt with 
the char16_t type which seems specific to C++.


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