Hello devs,

I'm going on an extended absence, through Oct 23. Would anyone care to
stand in as release manager for 1.1.7 while I'm away? Given 1.1.6 went out
on Sept 5, 1.1.7 RC's should begin around Sept 26th in order to retain our
targeted monthly cadence. The overall process is documented [0], and I have
my own almost-but-not-quite-scripted notes [1] for creating a candidate.

In terms of effort, it usually works out to be a couple hours for tracking
down in-flight tickets, updating JIRA, validating the compatibility report
&c, and then another couple hours of watching maven and pushing bits to
generate the RC.

If no takers, I'll make its release a priority upon my return in late


[0]: http://hbase.apache.org/book.html#releasing
[1]: https://gist.github.com/ndimiduk/924db7f5ee75baa67802

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