Build status: Successful

If successful, the website and docs have been generated. To update the live 
site, follow the instructions below. If failed, skip to the bottom of this 

Use the following commands to download the patch and apply it to a clean branch 
based on origin/asf-site. If you prefer to keep the hbase-site repo around 
permanently, you can skip the clone step.

  git clone

  cd hbase-site
  wget -O-
 | funzip > 1b005f30e45c279bb74c8994cdd5628fa6d2fdf2.patch
  git fetch
  git checkout -b asf-site-1b005f30e45c279bb74c8994cdd5628fa6d2fdf2 
  git am --whitespace=fix 1b005f30e45c279bb74c8994cdd5628fa6d2fdf2.patch

At this point, you can preview the changes by opening index.html or any of the 
other HTML pages in your local 
asf-site-1b005f30e45c279bb74c8994cdd5628fa6d2fdf2 branch.

There are lots of spurious changes, such as timestamps and CSS styles in 
tables, so a generic git diff is not very useful. To see a list of files that 
have been added, deleted, renamed, changed type, or are otherwise interesting, 
use the following command:

  git diff --name-status --diff-filter=ADCRTXUB origin/asf-site

To see only files that had 100 or more lines changed:

  git diff --stat origin/asf-site | grep -E '[1-9][0-9]{2,}'

When you are satisfied, publish your changes to origin/asf-site using these 

  git commit --allow-empty -m "Empty commit" # to work around a current ASF 
  git push origin asf-site-1b005f30e45c279bb74c8994cdd5628fa6d2fdf2:asf-site
  git checkout asf-site
  git branch -D asf-site-1b005f30e45c279bb74c8994cdd5628fa6d2fdf2

Changes take a couple of minutes to be propagated. You can verify whether they 
have been propagated by looking at the Last Published date at the bottom of It should match the date in the index.html on the 
asf-site branch in Git.

As a courtesy- reply-all to this email to let other committers know you pushed 
the site.

If failed, see

Reply via email to