(This came up during dev meeting in Shenzhen) We are running too many
branches and/or when applying patches, we do not do a good job backporting
to all active branches, especially fixes.

We have master, branch-2, branch-1, branch-1.4, branch-1.3, branch-1.2, and
branch-1.1 active currently. If a dirty bug fix, the applier is backporting
to 7 branches. It takes a while applying to all especially if the backport
doesn't go in clean. I suppose the RM could monitor all upstream of them
and then pull wanted patches back (we could do that too) but seems like a
burden on an RMer.

We should EOL a few?

Nick is on branch-1.1 release at the moment. Perhaps this could be the last
off branch-1.1.

1.2 hosts our current stable release though 1.3 is out. How about we cut a
release off 1.3, call it stable, and then EOL 1.2 after another release or

What you all think?


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