The second HBase 1.4.2 release candidate (RC1) is available for download at and Maven
artifacts are available in the temporary repository .

The git tag corresponding to the candidate is '1.4.2RC1' (b4ec89059c). Note
this is different from branch-1.4 by one commit because we had an
intervening commit between tag and push (08b9939974, HBASE-20016) while I
was running tests. The only difference is the CHANGES.txt update for
1.4.2RC1 is placed ahead of the commit for HBASE-20016, but does not
mention it, which is fine, because 1.4.2RC1 does not contain HBASE-20016.

A detailed source and binary compatibility report for this release is
available for your review at

A list of the 22 issues resolved in this release can be found at .

Please try out the candidate and vote +1/0/-1.

This vote will be open for at least 72 hours. Unless objection I will try
to close it Thursday February 28, 2018 if we have sufficient votes.

Prior to making this announcement I made the following preflight checks:

   - RAT check passes (7u80)
   - Unit test suite passes (8u131)
   - LTT load 1M rows with 100% verification and 20% updates (8u131)
   - PE sequentialWrite, sequentialRead, randomWrite, randomRead,
   scanRange100 (8u131)
   - ITBLL Loop 1 100M rows (8u131)

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