Thanks, Appy. Big thanks for making sure this change was documented during
the patch review, as well! It seems maybe this notice should have gone to
the users@ list, as well.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 4:02 PM Apekshit Sharma <> wrote:

> Default value for has been changed from true
> to false. Secured clusters should make sure to explicitly set it to true in
> XML configuration file before upgrading to one of these versions. (
> True as default value of doesn't make any
> sense, since not all clusters need authorization. (History: HBASE-13275
> <>) Rather, only the
> clusters which need authorization should set this config as false. Going
> further, setting this config should be single switch to enable/disable
> authorization, conditional on appropriate coprocessors loaded (a condition
> we'll try to remove in future by incorporating access control directly into
> hbase as core feature rather then as coprocessor).
> -- Appy

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