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> Hi guys,
> In HBase 2.0.0-beta-1, getting this:
> 2018-02-23 14:01:55,499 WARN  [main] client.HBaseAdmin
> (HBaseAdmin.java:visit(1948)) - No serialized HRegionInfo in
> keyvalues={page_proposed,,1384198043055.c15b13946fa4318a0a956e067d59eb
> d4./info:server/1384198854149/Put/vlen=11/seqid=0,
> page_proposed,,1384198043055.c15b13946fa4318a0a956e067d59eb
> d4./info:serverstartcode/1384198854149/Put/vlen=8/seqid=0}
> I'm not getting that on other versions. And I'm not sure what it means...
> Any idea?
The Admin client is getting detail from hbase:meta. It found a row where
there was no serialized regioninfo and is WARNing you of this. This should
never happen. It is dumping out all it did find in the meta table.

Why no regioninfo in hbase:meta? This a fresh hbase2 or are you starting an
hbase2 over an old hbase1 dataset? If latter, could it have been null
before the update?


> Thanks,

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