Is branch-2 open again now? Sorry if I missed the all-clear but I
could not find it.

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 11:59 AM, Stack <> wrote:
> Short Version: Please hold on making commits to branch-2. I am in the
> process of cutting a hbase-2.0.0-beta-2 release candidate. It make take me
> a day or so.
> Long Version:
> A miracle happened last night. Our nightly for branch-2 passed [1]. This
> means all unit tests ran against hadoop2 and then subsequently, all unit
> tests ran against hadoop3. It had been threatening for a while. A few
> recent builds passed all unit tests only to fail on a few findbugs issues.
> Given this momentous event and that there are over 200 fixes since beta-1,
> it is time to push out a beta-2.
> Originally beta-2 was supposed to be about making sure we could do a
> rolling upgrade from branch-1 to branch-2. This was its theme. The work has
> not been done. Also, a bunch of work is still to be done around testing,
> compatibility checking, and performance. Perhaps folks are waiting on the
> 2.0.0 release candidate before they dig in (smile)?
> I'll give the all clear once I've cut my release. Thank you for your
> patience.
> St.Ack
> 1. See build #415 here

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