On the vote thread for hbase-2.0.0-beta-2, it was noted that the bulk of
our convenience bin tarball size is test javadoc [1] (~ > 50%). Should our
bin tarball include all possible doc both api and dev api for both test and

I could make it so we do not build dev doc by default or that we do not
include it in our bin tarball? What do you all think?


$ cd hbase-2.0.0-beta-2
$ du -sh *
256K CHANGES.txt
128K LICENSE.txt
420K NOTICE.txt
4.0K README.txt
184K bin
 40K conf
818M docs
620K hbase-webapps
129M lib

$ cd docs/
$ du -sh *
  0B _chapters
 28K acid-semantics.html
 11M apache_hbase_reference_guide.pdf
152M apidocs
 32K asciidoctor.css
4.0K book
1.9M book.html
 16K bulk-loads.html
 20K coc.html
4.0K coderay-asciidoctor.css
116K css
 36K cygwin.html
 20K dependencies.html
272K dependency-convergence.html
 16K dependency-info.html
 48K dependency-management.html
332M devapidocs
4.0K doap_Hbase.rdf
 16K export_control.html
200K fonts
 32K hbase.css
2.5M images
 28K img
 20K index.html
 16K integration.html
 16K issue-tracking.html
148K js
 28K license.html
 16K mail-lists.html
 20K metrics.html
 24K old_news.html
 20K plugin-management.html
 20K plugins.html
 40K poweredbyhbase.html
 16K project-info.html
 16K project-reports.html
 16K project-summary.html
 16K pseudo-distributed.html
 16K replication.html
372K repo
 16K resources.html
 16K source-repository.html
 16K sponsors.html
 24K supportingprojects.html
 32K team-list.html
112M testapidocs
205M testdevapidocs

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