Please get my approval committing to branch-2.0. I'm trying to keep the
branch stable as we head toward our first 2.0.0 release candidate.

Related, please do not treat branch-2 as a dumping ground going forward.
I'll try and keep an eye on it too (per an old Andrew Purtell suggestion
that we do a left-shift on version numbers when it comes to RM
oversight[2]). Only bug-fixes and pre-discussed features should go on
branch-2[1] to ship in minor 2.x releases. Master and the our future hbase3
is where the new stuff should be targeted.


1. The only branch-2 'feature' I know of currently is the serial
replication work Duo and crew are currently working on.
2. I can't find his email. Please add to this thread if any of you know
what I'm on about (smile).

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