None of the project's automated testing covers building on windows, so
I'd be very surprised if it still works. IIRC the current ref guide
calls out that windows shouldn't be used as a production deployment
environment, but I don't think it calls out any specific problem with
building there.

岭秀, would you be willing to open an ubrella JIRA for building on
windows and start working through these issues as you find them in
subtasks? I can pretty easily add a nightly test for "build things on
windows", but I definitely don't have things set up to work through
problems that come up.

On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 7:27 AM, 岭秀 <> wrote:
> Hi everyone:When I build hbase in my windows OS(Cygwin has 
> installed),hbase-common can't pass the compile due to
> user=`whoami | sed -n -e 's/\\\/\\\\\\\\/p'`if [ "$user" == "" ]then  
> user=`whoami`fi
> code 
> location:
> IN Linux, the return value of whoami is one line, but IN windows(whith 
> Cygwin)the return value of whoami has a line break which causes the compile 
> error.Am I right? Could someone give me a help to tell me the right way to 
> compile hbase in windows?

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